10 - Colours

March 2018, Sam Smith

A complimentary purple colour added, to be used for Services material. See Colours.

9 - Headline case

March 2018, Sam Smith

Removed the restriction of using all caps for headlines.

8 - Logo usage

March 2018, Sam Smith

Renamed "Large to medium use logo" to "Portrait logo". Removed the preference towards this version.

"Where possible the large to medium use logo should be used"
"Designers should use the most appropriate logo at their discretion, adhering to the guidance below"

See Logos.

7 - Design elements

November 2017, Sam Smith

Moved away from circles; introduced "spokes".


See Design elements.

6 - Sub-brands

October 2016, Sam Smith


Remove guidelines for "sub-brands", as they have been ignored since first introduced. The visual identity of projects have been, and continue to be, independant of this guide.

5 - Slide presentations

August 2016, Sam Smith


See Slide presentations.

4 - Photography style

June 2016, Sam Smith

Dropped the emphasis on "satelite imagery that conveys the idea of an open world".

3 - Logo, colours

May 2016, Sam Smith


Addition of "International", plus balance and weighting adjustments, and colour tweaks. See Logos, Colours.

2 - Strapline, merchandise

Feburary 2016, Sam Smith


New merchandise examples, using full logo, and featuring new strapline. For more examples, see Merchandise.

May 2015, Rufus Pollock


See Endorsement logo.