This is a work in progress. While this guide is still under construction, you should refer to a combination of the "Brand guidelines April 2014" document, and the amendments listed on the "Changes" page of this site.

This (work in progress) guide introduces our brand, what we stand for and how we want people to see us. It contains easy to use guidelines on our core brand elements – our logos, our typefaces, our colours, and examples of core applications.

If you have any queries about these guidelines, please contact Sam Smith.


There are a number of variations of the logo, suitable for different contexts. Designers should use the most appropriate logo at their discretion, adhering to the guidance below. There are small use versions for use when space is limited.

Minimum height - 40mm/110px

Minimum width - 70mm/230px

Minimum height - 20mm/60px


Use for social media display pictures and website favicons.

Logo usage

Logo exclusion area

This diagram illustrates the minimum space that you should leave between the logo and other graphic elements, using the word ‘OPEN’ from the logo to measure.



Design elements

In addition to our colour scheme and typeface, the "spokes" of our logo can be utilised to continue and reinforce our visual identity. This device can be used to overlay images, or highlight text.

Slide presentations

A Google Slides template can be found here.